Media Release - June 2014 - New Metrobus Community Bus service ready to roll

The St. John's Transportation Commission will soon begin operating a fixed route, Community Bus service aimed at senior citizens.

The Commission was successful in its application for funding under the Provincial Government's Age- Friendly Newfoundland & Labrador Transportation Project. Metrobus will receive $100,000 each year over the next three years to operate the service.

The purpose of the Community Bus service is to provide transportation to seniors that is convenient and easy to use to get to their destinations and help them remain active in the community. Unlike other Metrobus routes, the Community Bus provides door-to-door pick up and drop off service at a number of apartment complexes and residences to major destinations, including shopping malls and recreation facilities. Service is provided by a twenty-seven-foot, fully-accessible bus that was purchased with a portion of the funding received from the Province. The remainder of the funding will be used to operate and market the service, which is an initiative that comes out of the Metrobus five-year strategic plan.

"The funding we will receive over the next three years will be used to market the service and build ridership towards a sustainable, age-friendly transportation service in St. John’s," said Metrobus General Manager, Judy Powell.

According to Census data, the sixty-plus population is expected to grow to 30% by 2026; nearly one third of the population will be over sixty years of age in a little over 10 years and Powell says it is time to start planning to meet the growing needs of seniors." During the planning stage, Metrobus met with key partner associations including the Seniors' Resource Centre and the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Seniors, and also had input from focus groups and surveys conducted at a number of apartment complexes within St. John's." The new Community Bus service will begin operating on June 23.

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